“VOSTOK” (2015) Short film


“VOSTOK” (2015) “VOSTOK” (2015) “VOSTOK” (2015) “VOSTOK” (2015) “VOSTOK” (2015) “VOSTOK” (2015) “VOSTOK” (2015) “VOSTOK” (2015) “VOSTOK” (2015) “VOSTOK” (2015)

Macarena Gómez and Ernesto Sevilla stars “Vostok”.


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3th classified – CineFOSC
Best Edition and VFX – La Rioja es de cine
Best ACTRESS – Festival de Cine de Terror y Fantástico de Peligros
Best DIRECTOR – Festival de Cine de Terror y Fantástico de Peligros
Best ACTOR – ZedFest Film Festival (Los Angeles)
Best ACTRESS – ZedFest Film Festival (Los Angeles)
Best PRODUCTION – ZedFest Film Festival (Los Angeles)
Best VISUAL EFFECTS – Muestra de Cortometrajes del Espacio de Yebes



Macarena Gómez
Ernesto Sevilla


Directed by: Miquel Casals
Story: Àlex Roca & Miquel Casals
1AD: Terenci Corominas
Script: Ernest Forts

Produced by: Maurici Jiménez
Production Assistant: Alba Torner

Director of Photography: Quim Güell
1AC: Clàudia Rodriguez
2AC: Mariona Boada
Gaffer: Martí Palazón
Spark: Arnau Sabata

Color: Yulia Bulashenko (Moonlight)

Sound Direction: Ferran Company
Make Up: Anna Rosillo
Costume Design: Giovanna Ribes
Art Direction: Iu Gironès



Music & sound effects: Eloi Casellas
Sound Mixing: Ryan McCambridge
VFX Direction: Àlex Roca
Visual effects supervisor on set: Oleguer Roca

Camera used

BMCC 4K with Canon Cinema Lenses

2015 • Fiction • 13:11
HD (1080) – 2,35:1 Color
Production: Eram Medialab & Quarantados

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Coded by myself.

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