“Persuasió” (2009) Short film

ERAM presents a Las Producciones de DDM production with the suport of IV Fons de Creació Audiovisual


Anna Castillo
Raül Tortosa
Fel Faixedas
Pilar Prats


Assistant director: Ernest Forts
Productor: David Pérez

Director of Photography: Maurici Jiménez
Camera operator: Joel Micheli
Assistants: Antonio Sanchez, Andrea Leria

Sound editing: Joaquim Albert

Art Direction: Vit Faüchs, Fanny Espinet
Makeup: Anna Rosillo

Making Of: Albert Sala


TE ODIO – Los Seis Días con Santi Balmes
From the album LUNES

AÑO NUEVO – Vetusta Morla
From the album UN DÍA EN EL MUNDO

Based on a story by Milena Oliveras

Written and directed by Miquel Casals

2009 • Fiction • 06:53
HD (1080) – 2,35:1 Color
Production: Las Producciones de DDM

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