“Fundido a negro” (2012) Short film

A story of love, music and zombies

A Miquel Casals & Las Producciones de DDM production


Raül Tortosa
Anna Ferran
Anna Castillo
Iñaki Martínez
Milena Oliveras
Evelyn Moreno
Carla Llobet

Written and directed by Miquel Casals
Assistant Director: David Pérez
Script: Ernest Forts


Director of Photography: Andrea Leria
Camera Assistant: Joan Agramunt
Gaffer: Jordi Càliz
Assistants: Jordi Trijueque, Quim Güell

Sound: Joaquim Albert, Antonio Sanchez, Carles Sánchez

Make-up: Carles Suarez, Alba Maldonado, Carmen Gonzalez

Dialogues: Raül Ruiz
Logo design: Eduard Baztán

2012 • Fiction • 12:14
HD (1080) – 2,35:1 Color
Production: Miquel Casals & Las Producciones de DDM

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