“400KM” (2014) Short film


“400KM” (2014) “400KM” (2014) “400KM” (2014) “400KM” (2014)

An experimental real road movie.

Produced by Miquel Casals and ERAM Medialab

Directed by Miquel Casals


Anna Ferran
Raül Tortosa


Director of photography: Quim Güell
Sound: Edu Baztán
Production: Maurici Jiménez
Edition: Miquel Casals
Technical support: Ernest Forts
Atrezzo: Ángeles Hidalgo, Carmen Moreno

2014 • Fiction • 20:06
HD (1080) – 2,35:1 Color
Production: Miquel Casals & Eram Medialab

February, 2015

Filed under: Films

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Coded by myself.

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